Getting Started

I hate reading the instructions! I like to just jump right in head first and figure things out on my own. But I promise that this will go better if you start with a foundation.

Preparing for 'The Questions'

  • Make a 'Relationship Repair Kit'
  • Set Groundrules

Ground Rules

Relationship Repair Kit

Fill a shoebox with things that will help:

  • I.O.U. for a backrub
  • Candles
  • $20 bill labeled 'Movies'
  • Chocolate
  • $10 bill labeled 'Ice Cream'
  • I.O.U. for a walk around the block
  • What else goes in your repair kit?


Agree to rules and stick to them:

  • Either person can call time-out at any time
  • 'Do overs' are encouraged
  • Assume the other person wants what's best
  • If things get heated, we agree to ___________ (e.g. walk away, watch a show, cuddle and read, yell, take a walk together, etc.)
  • We will turn off phones
  • We won't interrupt
  • We won't use what we learn against each other
  • What rules work best for your relationship?